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Wunjo – W


Translation of the rune Wunjo

  • Modern english: wyn
  • Modern german: Wonne

Keywords associated with the rune Wunjo

Keywords: joy, happiness, pleasure, harmony, well-being, attraction between kindred spirits, companionship, bonding

Bright rod

  • harmony
  • joy
  • camaraderie
  • prosperity

Dark rod

  • paralysis
  • worry
  • dispute
  • alienation

Interpretation of the rune Wunjo

The rune Wunjo is the rune of restoration of the harmonious connection of the limited ego with the Higher Self. With the help of this rune, the soul can be radiated from within, as the change that was needed has already been made. Joy, happiness and bliss appear when you stay in the flow of life. This brings clarity back into life and plans, goals or desires can be abandoned or changed in favour of a new attitude towards the flow of life.

If the rune comes upside down, things are slow to come to fruition. The refusal to go with the flow of life can lead to crises or blockages. It is necessary to stay in the flow of trust and to keep the focus on overcoming the issues at hand.

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