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Thurisaz – Th


Translation of the rune Thurisaz

  • Modern english: thurs or thorn
  • Modern german: Thorn, Thurse (Giant)

Keywords associated with the rune Thurisaz

Keywords: giant, thorn, power of destruction / defence, action, power exercised, regeneration, love magic, phallus, Mjöllnir, the hammer of Thor

Bright rod

  • reactive force
  • Targeted force
  • vital eroticism
  • regenerative catalyst

Dark rod

  • danger
  • defencelessness
  • urge
  • fraud
  • dullness

Interpretation of the rune Thurisaz

There is work to be done inside and outside of yourself, because there is a confrontation with a mirror image on the outside. It raises the question: What needs to be questioned and exposed? Nevertheless, the rune wants to increase your ability to wait, because now is not yet the time to make decisions, as the priority is to let go of the old. Go after the thorn inside and recognise where it hurts you and start there. If the rune comes upside down, the quality of the passage depends on your perspective and your attitude. Be careful not to rush forward too far and too fast if you have not yet taken the first step.

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