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Uruz – U


Translation of the rune Uruz

  • Modern english: urox
  • Modern german: Auerochse, Ur

Keywords associated with the rune Uruz

Keywords: aurochs, ox, drizzle, cinders, wisdom, health, vital force, formation of archetypal patterns, fertility-giving essence, form-giving power

Bright rod

  • strength
  • defence
  • toughness
  • freedom
  • form
  • health
  • understandings

Dark rod

  • weakness
  • obsession
  • misdirected energy
  • suppression by others
  • disease
  • volatility
  • ignorance

Interpretation of the rune Uruz

Uuz is the rune of power, as well as of termination and new beginnings. It is the rune of passage, as it is necessary to experience death within. In order to create a balance between the extremes, it is essential to pay attention to the now and the favour of the moment. If the rune comes standing on its head, one’s own strength is used against oneself. It therefore wants to shake you up and demands serious reflection on the quality of your own relationship to your own higher self.

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