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Laguz / Laukuz – L


Translation of the rune Laguz

  • Modern english: lake or leek
  • Modern german: Lache oder Lauch

Keywords associated with the rune Laguz

Keywords: waters, water, sea, source of organic life, water sprinkling of a newborn for naming, initiation, rebirth (laguz), phallic power

Bright rod

  • live
  • travel on the water
  • sea of vitality
  • sea of the unconscious
  • growth

Dark rod

  • fear
  • walking in circles
  • get out of the way
  • wither

Interpretation of the rune Laguz

Laguz, the rune of flow and water, wants to remind you to remain unconditionally true to your being. The areas of emotions, relationships and partnerships are also subject to this rune. In order to integrate this rune into your own life, you need to reorganise and structure yourself and let go of the old. Listen to your inner currents and let your inner voice speak to you.

If the rune comes standing on its head, it wants to warn you against excess. Likewise, reason and intuition may work hand in hand.

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