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Naudhiz / Nauthiz – N


Translation of the rune Naudhiz

  • Modern english: need
  • Modern german: Not

Keywords associated with the rune Naudhiz

Keywords: hardship, fate-imposed constraints, misery, but also redemption from it, protection on a spiritual level, love magic

Bright rod

  • resistance (makes strong)
  • ørlög is recognised
  • innovation
  • self-sufficiency

Dark rod

  • restricted
  • freedom, grief
  • plague
  • hard work
  • negligence

Interpretation of the rune Naudhiz

Nauthiz is the rune of distress, and wants to invite you to let go of all illusions and let your own light become the life force. The compulsion and severity that often goes hand in hand with Nauthiz wants to make you aware of your shadows and invite you to approach them openly. In this way, the shadow (the negative part of us) loses its weight and can be transformed through acceptance. If you recognise that there is a lesson hidden in every negative experience, you can mature and grow from it. If the rune comes upside down, this is an invitation to deal with your higher self.

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