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Berkano – B


Translation of the rune Berkano

  • Modern english: birch
  • Modern german: Birke

Keywords associated with the rune Berkano

Keywords: birch, birch branch, birch goddess, earth mother, birth, moment, cycle of birth – life – death, ruler of all protective, concealing and initiatory buildings of the earth

Bright rod

  • birth
  • change in life
  • protection
  • liberation

Dark rod

  • blurred consciousness
  • deception
  • sterility
  • stagnation

Interpretation of the rune Berkano

Berkano, an ancestral rune and spring messenger rune (also in a figurative sense) leads to blossoming and maturity. To make this possible, it invites you to go deep into things with care and attention. It invites you to release your repressed feelings, according to the saying: “To live is to love. I love life!” With this attitude, patience, humility and generosity can flow freely again.

If the rune comes standing on its head, it is important to intensively dedicate oneself to character aspects and, if necessary, to hone or further develop them. This enables growth and the soul awakens to new possibilities.

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