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Fehu – F


Translation of the rune Fehu

  • Modern english: fee
  • Modern german: Vieh

Keywords associated with the rune Fehu

Keywords: movable property, livestock, money, gold, energy, cosmic fire, fertility, Creation – Destruction

Bright rod

  • success
  • wealth
  • foresight
  • new beginning

Dark rod

  • greed
  • burnout
  • weakness
  • poverty
  • strife

Interpretation of the rune Fehu

Fehu is the rune of fulfilment and calls for a deep exploration of the meaning of profit and gain. It invites you to pay attention to conservation and preservation of what has already been gained. Therefore, be careful to end well those things that want to be ended in order to make a new beginning possible. In doing so, remain attentive and vigilant and share happiness so that others may also be nourished. If it comes upside down, ask yourself what the heavy disappointments in your life want to teach you and what lessons there are to learn. Where do signs of doubtful situations appear, and what shadow sides of possession want to be pointed out?

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