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Ehwaz / Ehwo – E


Translation of the rune Ehwaz

  • Modern english: eh
  • Modern german:

Keywords associated with the rune Ehwaz

Keywords: horse, two horses (ehwo), sleipnir, harmonious duality, lawful marriage, fertility, trust, loyalty, divine twins, instrument for travelling through the beyond

Bright rod

  • harmony
  • teamwork
  • trust
  • loyalty

Dark rod

  • double effort
  • disharmony
  • mistrust
  • deception

Interpretation of the rune Ehwaz

Ehwaz would like to invite you to get moving, and above all to bring clarity into your affairs of the heart. Show effort and focused action, then you can steadfastly go your way. Pay attention to the signs and may they tell you where you are heading. May you have the strength to change direction when you can no longer walk the old road.

If the rune comes upside down, realise that there are no missed opportunities, for not all opportunities are meant for you – what is yours will come to you!

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