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Mannaz – M


Translation of the rune Mannaz

  • Modern english: man
  • Modern german: Mensch

Keywords associated with the rune Mannaz

Keywords: human, intelligence, initiate, perfect human, divine structure and connection, genetic connection between humans and gods, androgynous

Bright rod

  • divine structure
  • intelligence
  • awareness
  • social order

Dark rod

  • depression
  • mortality
  • blindness
  • self-deception

Interpretation of the rune Mannaz

Mannaz is the rune of the inner self. It is necessary to consciously stand on one’s own feet and to say goodbye to the past, to let go of all unrequited loves in life and to welcome love anew. Be humble, devoted and moderate, and open yourself to the clarity and willingness to change/develop your being. Live every moment of your life in an unusual way, and act exclusively from the present.

If the rune comes upside down, the question of the energy of balance arises: Do your higher self and your ego communicate with each other? Turn inwards first and do not look for the enemy on the outside.

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