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Gebo – G


Translation of the rune Gebo

  • Modern english: gift
  • Modern german: Gabe

Keywords associated with the rune Gebo

Keywords: gift, generosity, giver – recipient, hospitality, harmony between brothers and sisters, sacred mystery of duality, ecstasy, sexual magic, sacrifice

Bright rod

  • gift
  • give
  • generosity
  • magical encounter
  • honour
  • sacrifice

Dark rod

  • purchased influence
  • greed
  • loneliness
  • dependence
  • sacrifices too great

Interpretation of the rune Gebo

The rune Gebo calls to leave enough space between each other “so that the winds of heaven” can dance between them. Freedom is the gift that everyone is allowed to give themselves and we are allowed to grant each other, as all other gifts have their origin in it. Since this rune looks the same both upright and upside down, there is no reverse interpretation.

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