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Hagalaz – H


Translation of the rune Hagalaz

  • Modern english: hail
  • Modern german: Hagel

Keywords associated with the rune Hagalaz

Keywords: primordial seed, cosmic egg – union, evolution, cosmic pattern – primordial pattern of the snowflake, completion, mother of the runes, most sacred number nine protection

Bright rod

  • change along the lines of ideals
  • crisis mastered
  • perfection
  • inner harmony

Dark rod

  • disaster
  • crisis
  • stagnation
  • loss of power

Interpretation of the rune Hagalaz

Hagalz calls for change and further development, as it wants to shake you awake and asks you to trustingly penetrate the innermost part of your soul. This rune wants to free you from material reality and its limitations, and calls you to grow and develop out of yourself. Since this rune looks the same both upright and upside down, there is no reverse interpretation.

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