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Ingwaz – ng


Interpretation of the rune Ingwaz

  • Modern english: Ing
  • Modern german:

Keywords associated with the rune Ingwaz

Keywords: earth god ing, potential energy, growth and maturity period, nordic sexual magic, fertility rituals

Bright rod

  • resting phase
  • inner growth
  • maturation

Dark rod

  • inability
  • waste
  • movement without change

Interpretation of the rune Ingwaz

Ingwaz, the rune of fertility, indicates to you that harmony and order may enter into relationships. It wants to remind you that energy follows attention and that you may trust your intuition unconditionally. To move forward, take responsibility for yourself and your part, and release yourself from old attachments and values that no longer suit you. This rune also invites you to look deeply into yourself, to give your sexuality, your fertility and your creative power the space they deserve. Purify the old with the power of the kundalini energy and allow yourself to stand by yourself and your power. Since this rune looks the same both upright and upside down, there is no reverse interpretation.

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