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Eihwaz – E, I or Ei


Translation of the rune Eihwaz

  • Modern english: yew or yogh
  • Modern german: Eibe

Keywords associated with the rune Eihwaz

Keywords: yew, mountain ash, tree of life, yggdrasill, tree of life and death, divine initiation, vertical cosmic ash, endurance, protection

Bright rod

  • enlightenment
  • endurance
  • initiation
  • protection

Dark rod

  • confusion
  • destruction
  • dissatisfaction
  • weakness

Interpretation of the rune Eihwaz

Eihwaz wants to connect you with Yggdrasil the World Ash, inviting you to align your inner axis to connect with Mother Earth (root chakra) and Father Sky (crown chakra). Through this you can awaken yourself to the power of love through the heart chakra, and act with perseverance and foresight. This introspection frees you, and invites you to integrate patience into your life as a fixed component. Avoid foreseeing difficulties by doing right, but know that through inconvenience and discomfort your growth will be enhanced. Since this rune looks the same both upright and upside down, there is no reverse interpretation.

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