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Tiwaz – T


Translation of the rune Tiwaz

  • Modern english: teu
  • Modern german: “Dienstag” geht auf Tyr zurück

Keywords associated with the rune Tiwaz

Keywords: god of war Tyr, justice, order in the world, victory (in accordance with the law), spearhead, celestial vault, upheld by Irminsul

Bright rod

  • faithful
  • justice
  • reason
  • self sacrifice
  • analysis

Dark rod

  • spiritual paralysis
  • over-analysis
  • too many self-sacrifices
  • injustice
  • inadequacy

Interpretation of the rune Tiwaz

Tiwaz is the rune of the warrior and his/her struggle is always with for limited self. This rune invites you to say goodbye to the past and open yourself to love. In this way Tiwaz enables you to shape your personality and character. Look deeply into yourself and examine your values and foundations. As the power of love is behind this rune, it wants to invite you to dedicate yourself to the relationship with courage and devotion, and to let a partnership develop out of it. The power of decision and discernment supports you in this.

If the rune comes upside down, practice patience and thoughtful action, otherwise you will lose or waste energies. Use this time to explore your true motives and the motivations behind them. Seek advice from your Higher Self and integrate it more actively into your life.

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