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Ansuz – A


Translation of the rune Ansuz

  • Modern english: ans
  • Modern german: Ahne, Ase

Keywords associated with the rune Ansuz

Keywords: Æsir, Odhinn, god of intellect, reception – transformation – expression, carrier and content at the same time poetry, song, divine knowledge, inspiration, ecstasy, death mysteries

Bright rod

  • Inspiration (enthusiasm)
  • synthesis
  • transformation
  • words

Dark rod

  • misunderstanding
  • misconception
  • manipulation by others
  • boredom

Interpretation of the rune Ansuz

Ansuz can promise the unfolding of new life when the inner switches are set to receive. This receiving refers above all to values and their expression, as well as to one’s own depths, since this rune symbolises the urge to reconcile unconscious drive with conscious knowledge. This is only possible through self-knowledge and self-acceptance, as one’s own resources are sounded out.

If the rune comes standing on its head, concern about failed communication, the feeling of futility, wasted effort or the fruitless path may be prevalent. Yet it wants to remind you that everything happens at the right time: When the well is clogged, this is the moment to wash out the old, because nothing happens where there is not also a positive part woven into it.

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