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Elhaz or Algiz – S later Z


Translation of the rune Elhaz

  • Modern english: elk
  • Modern german: Elch

Keywords associated with the rune Elhaz

Keywords: elk (elhaz), protection (algiz), swan, protection – freezing, magic grove, connection between gods and humans, rainbow, path of branches and roots

Bright rod

  • connection with the gods
  • awakening
  • higher life
  • shelter

Dark rod

  • hidden danger
  • consumed by divine powers
  • loss of connection with the gods

Interpretation of the rune Elhaz

Elhaz, the rune of the warriors and the warrior women, would like to invite you to turn to the emotional sides of your own being, and to open your heart for a new direction despite experienced shocks or traumas. New opportunities and challenges will come and unwanted influences will be allowed to leave. Elhaz (Algiz) serves as a mirror for the spiritual warrior in the fight against the ego.

If the rune comes upside down, it is important to look the truth in the face and not to run away from the challenges it holds. Behave responsibly towards your issues and topics. Remain polite and in humble respect, so the rune will spread its protective powers over you. However, pay attention to your state of health and carefully examine all connections you make.

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