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Isa – I


Translation of the rune Isa

  • Modern english: ice
  • Modern german: Eis

Keywords associated with the rune Isa

Keywords: worlds ice, antimatter, “black hole”, bridge between the worlds and the beyond, ego, heightened self-awareness, concentration

Bright rod

  • concentrated self
  • awareness
  • self-control
  • unity

Dark rod

  • egomania
  • bluntness
  • blindness
  • dissolution

Interpretation of the rune Isa

The rune Isa wants to call for pausing. To pause versus stand still, to reflect, and to invite the spirit into all areas of life. This initiates a phase of receptivity and becoming, which wants to invite to re-water what is held. Conditioned by this reflection, it is possible to let go of the old, to transform and change. This requires courage and humility, that is, to develop the courage to serve oneself and to be faithful. Nevertheless, wisdom is needed not to stubbornly stick to decisions of the will, but also to recognise the signs on the outside. Since this rune looks the same both upright and standing on its head, there is no reverse interpretation.

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