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Sowilo – S


Translation of the rune Sowilo

  • Modern english: sun
  • Modern german: Sonne

Keywords associated with the rune Sowilo

Keywords: sun, sacred sun wheel, path and goal, success and honour, magic will

Bright rod

  • leadership
  • hope
  • success
  • goals achieved
  • honour

Dark rod

  • wrong goals
  • bad advice
  • deceptive success
  • gullibility
  • loss of purpose

Interpretation of the rune Sowilo

The rune Sowilo embodies lightning and therefore also represents a connection to the Tree of Life. It wants to remind you of the gifts and talents and the ancient knowledge of your soul, and that it is time to activate or open this. It is about becoming aware of your actual being. The wholeness and the call to get to know yourself better and better enables you to understand yourself from the inside. This rune also helps you to balance your chakras and to centre yourself. In this way you arrive in your centre, in your balance. By holding your focus, the “sun rune” enables you to see your goal brightly lit and to move towards it.

As this rune looks the same both upright and upside down, there is no reverse interpretation.

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