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Jera – J


Translation of the rune Jera

  • Modern english: year
  • Modern german: Jahr

Keywords associated with the rune Jera

Keywords: year, harvest, reward, enjoyment of the fruits of finished endeavours, cycle of the solar year, seasons, eagle

Bright rod

  • wages
  • fill
  • peace
  • right timing

Dark rod

  • repetition
  • bad timing
  • poverty
  • conflict

Interpretation of the rune Jera

Jera is the rune of harvest and good fortune, if one does not capitulate before the challenge and buries one’s head in the sand. The challenge refers above all to following the wheel of life and seeing life from its beautiful sides. Giving life and oneself room to unfold is also essential, as is patience for certain processes. Since this rune looks the same both upright and upside down, there is no reverse interpretation.

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