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Kenaz – K


Translation of the rune Kenaz

  • Modern english: keen
  • Modern german: kühn

Keywords associated with the rune Kenaz

Keywords: torch or wound (kaunaz), rune of humanity, controlled energy, transformation, regeneration, creative will, skills, creativity, sexual desire, procreation

Bright rod

  • technical skills
  • inspiration
  • creativity
  • transformation
  • new blood

Dark rod

  • disease
  • fracture
  • incapacity
  • lack of creativity

Interpretation of the rune Kenaz

Kenaz is the rune for activity, clarity, concentration and seriousness. It is also associated with the torch and light. Wherever light falls, the shadow is displaced or illuminated. In this way, all resources and unused gifts can be recognised and an interpersonal opening can occur.

If the rune stands on its head, it represents an invitation not to fail before the challenge, to consciously accept the psychic death (the letting go of the old) in order to bring the new in one’s own life and being into the right true, inner light.

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