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Raidho – R


Translation of the rune Raidho

  • Modern english: riding, rowel
  • Modern german: reiten, Ross

Keywords associated with the rune Raidho

Keywords: riding, chariot of Thor, vehicle, journey, way, lawful action and lawful order, law of the Cosmic Cycle

Bright rod

  • reason
  • act
  • Justice
  • commanded growth
  • journey

Dark rod

  • crisis
  • rigidity
  • stagnation
  • injustice
  • unreason

Interpretation of the rune Raidho

Raido would like to invite you to take a journey to your soul in order to free the inner child from its self-imposed prisons. Through the communication and reconciliation within, the development towards the Higher Self and the unification with oneself can be accomplished. The basic trust may be a constant companion here. If the rune comes upside down, it is important to pause and remove resistance before you can move forward. Especially private relationships and connections may be brought into focus. Even if it should mean that something or a relationship will break up, it steers towards unification and reunion as a permanent goal.

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