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Othala – O


Interpretation of the rune Othala

  • Modern english: odal
  • Modern german:

Keywords associated with the rune Othala

Keywords: inherited property, homeland, freedom, prosperity, innate qualities, Odhinn’s monogram

Bright rod

  • a home,
  • a blossoming group
  • the order of the group
  • Freedom
  • productive cooperation

Dark rod

  • lack of order
  • totalitarianism
  • slavery
  • poverty
  • loss of the home

Interpretation of the rune Othala

Othala, the rune of femininity and determination calls you to separate yourself from all that is old and disabled. These can be values, attitudes or relationships to birth yourself into this life as who you really are. Allow yourself to unfold according to your light, to flow, to be, for through carelessness or refusal to let go of illusions you are causing pain to yourself and others.

If the rune comes standing on its head, it wants to call you to go out of rigidity and to seek the reflection on the outside within.

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