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Perthro – P


Translation of the rune Perthro

  • Modern english: perd
  • Modern german:

Keywords associated with the rune Perthro

Keywords: dice cup, primordial layers in the sense of “karma”, divination, realisation of ideas or events as a magical act

Bright rod

  • favourable fate
  • knowledge of the ørlög
  • camaraderie and joy
  • evolutionary change

Dark rod

  • seeking
  • stagnation
  • loneliness
  • discomfort

Interpretation of the rune Perthro

Perthro, is the rune of all-love and the striving towards a new being that wants to give birth from the innermost. It is the rune that wants to initiate a transformation and invite you to use indications and reflections in the outside for the inner learning process. It is necessary to die the deaths in life, and Perthro is the rune for this process. Through this you allow yourself to initiate a renewal in your life, as the old path has come to an end and new paths want to be taken.

If the rune comes upside down, it wants to call you to bundle your scattered energies and to align your life completely with the here and now. Only when you are in the now – in the present – is change possible. When becoming aware of this process, your soul understands your present path as an initiation path. Therefore, remain true to yourself and follow your path with perseverance and patience.

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